Photonic Visuals on the sacred geometrical visionary video art projections – – with over 23 years of VJing and production skill, backed by over 30+ visionary artists, and with sponsorship from people like and more – VJ Vid plans to take you on photon bassed journey you will not soon forget!

Vid began his VJ career in 1992 in the Denver / Boulder area. After demonstrating his technological ability to a DJ/VJ who had a techno night at the club he worked at in Boulder, he became a part of the SNAFU video crew. While working with SNAFU over the course of the next 4 years (1992-1996) he learned the trade and worked at numerous dance events in the Colorado region. Because he entered the event scene from a production standpoint, he didn’t even know what a “rave” was until several years after he had been working them as a VJ. In 1996 he moved back to his home state of New Mexico, and set up residency in Santa Fe. At the College of Santa Fe he attended the Alternative Film Program for a number of years, honing his video production capabilities and creating new material. In 1999 he founded DNA Video Production, and quickly rose as a leading VJ in the region. In 2001, he changed the name of his video company to “Photonic Trancemission”, often now just referred to as “Photonic”, which he runs to this day. From 2001 to 2008 Vid has VJed hundreds of shows in the Southwest and Northwest United States, as well as a number of shows in Mexico, with many of the top DJs and producers in the world. His style of VJing incorporates movies, computer graphics, and live programs, all woven together into a multi-layered, psychedelic, theme driven visual experience. His visuals have been astounding and delighting audiences for years, and with the development of new applications and hardware, the intensity of his performances only increases over the years.

THE AVATARA VII23 aka David Avatara – Phoenix, USA




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Blessings to you reading this!

“I am a pan-dimensional sentient being comprised of light and sound who is focusing a physical manifestation into your sphere.”

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